Budget flight to Cape Town

Why pay more than necessary? It may be the budget flight to Cape Town that can provide a pleasant start to your trip - for a bargain flight to Cape Town can relieve your travel budget and thus create space for other activities.
Generally, when booking a flight to South Africa, a seasonal fluctuation of flight costs should be taken into consideration. They begin at ca 659 Euro for a return flight. At vacation time in Europe, and also during the period from early December to mid-January, flight costs to South Africa are highest. Therefore, a budget flight to Cape Town can be booked best for flying during the other remaining months.

There are daily flights from German air ports (Frankfort, Munich, and Düsseldorf). Mainly LTU, South African Airways and Lufthansa fly every week, very often non-stop, to Cape Town. A large section of the air traffic for travellers to South Africa goes via Johannesburg. The air port there, the most important hub in southern Africa, is approached daily by South African Airways, KLM, British Airways, and Lufthansa, less often also by Swiss Air, Iberia, Emirates, and Air France. From Johannesburg, you can proceed to the other South African destinations Cape Town, Durban, or Port Elizabeth.
Generally, please note that from Germany, night flights are being offered almost exclusively, the arrival time being at the following morning. There is no time difference. The flight takes about ten hours; a direct flight to Cape Town takes two hours longer.