Provinces of South Africa

Provinces of South Africa

South Africa consists of nine provinces altogether. The following list gives a short overview over all of them. In this section, you will, of course, also find more detailed information on each of them!

Western Cape
Western Cape is situated in the south west of the Republic. It stretches from Lambert's Bay to the Cape Town metropolis and the famous Garden Route to Plettenberg Bay, presenting itself as an extremely multi-faceted province, with a mild climate all over the year. Western Cape borders to both the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean and possesses more than 1 000 kilometres of fantastic coastline and fine sandy beaches.

Eastern Cape
In the South East of the Republic of South Africa, the province Eastern Cape stretches over an area of nearly 170 000 square kilometres between Western Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal at the coast of the Indian Ocean. Like many other provinces, Eastern Cape is a paradise for active holidays. The opportunities are unlimited, from diverse water sports like surfing or scuba diving to outdoor activities like game drives, mountain bike riding, and hiking. In the province's numerous nature reserves, you can admire the so-called "Big Five" - elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and hippos - while in the coastal waters, dolphins and whales abound.

Gauteng - „the place of gold"- offers many opportunities. You can go for a game drive or amuse yourself at one of the many leisure resorts of the Magaliesberg. But you can also follow the footprints of the gold miners and view the Premier Diamond Mine. Otherwise, the province is shaped by industry and its dense population, and mainly the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, the capital, are world famous.

A holiday in Limpopo Province offers many opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. The best example is a trip into the world famous Krüger National Park, whose northern part is situated n the province. In the southern part of the province, you can explore the Water Mountain Area - and these are only two of many leisure opportunities!

You will be enchanted by Mpumalanga's breathtaking scenery and its flora and fauna, rich in species. Mountains, mountain passes, rivers, water falls, and forests - its all nature in this province!  

India, Europe, and Zulu culture merge into a small world of its own with manifold attractions. In the province Kwa-Zulu Natal, the most popular holiday destination is the City of Durban with its large port. The city is also a host to the Football World Cup. It offers never ending sandy beaches, ideal conditions for surfing in the warm Indian Ocean, shopping fun in the modern shopping centres or on the Indian markets. A charming mixture of cultures.

Free State
The province Free State lies in the heart of Africa. Most of the agricultural products and a large percentage of the South African gold production, have their origin here. Enjoy the cordial hospitality on one of the farms of this province and go fort he many outdoor activities in the wonderful gorges and valleys.

North West Provinz
If you want to experience South Africa far away from it all in North West province, you are just right! Maize fields and sunflowers change with tobacco fields and cotton plantations; and water sport and outdoor activities get their share, in spite of the laid back atmosphere of the region. In the two malaria-free game parks, the Game Reserve and the Pilanesberg National Park, you can, also go for an exciting exploration trip.

Northern Cape
Northern Cape, the largest province of South Africa, covers about one third of the total area of the country. The calmness, loneliness and the unlimited horizons are breathtaking for nature lovers; however, in summer it may be very hot. In spring, wild flowers blossom after the rainy season, providing an unforgettable natural spectacle.