Tavel information for South Africa

It is important to be well prepared when going for a holiday - this is also true for your trip or excursion to South Africa. And this is especially important if you are not travelling with a package tour where all travel details are predetermined, but you are on your own on an exploration trip through South Africa. In the country at the southernmost end of the "Black Continent", security aspects should always be observed: You should not travel at night, not carry valuable items openly, you should not stop your car on remote roads unnecessarily, and much more - in this section, you will find extensive details on this as well as on many other issues.

When choosing a car for rental you should make sure not to be cheated and pay not more than a fee of 400-1000 Rand per day (according to category). We recommend Auto Europe, for there we found the most attractive and reasonably priced offers!
Then, have a look at the equipment of the vehicle - you can avoid or at least minimise the risk to break down with your two-wheeler or four-wheeler somewhere on your South Africa trip or excursion - something that is not without dangers in some regions. Also take care of the South African traffic rules which may - although rarely - differ from the German rules: You should know that the maximum speed on highways is 120 km/h, in towns and cities 60 km/h. Even more important - live-saving, so to speak - is to take note of the left-hand traffic.
It is worth while to inform yourself in this section about what to observe when travelling on your own in South Africa. You will be provided with everything you need to know - not just traffic rules: From period of residence permit to taking photographs up to train connections - we make sure not to leave you alone! Find more under "all you need to know" A - Z!