Car Rental South Africa

We have compared some car rental providers in Cape Town for you, and we came to the conclusion that Auto Europe has one of the most attractive and reasonably priced offers. Therefore, the team of "Passion South Africa" recommends Auto Europe!

During your holiday - what is more exciting than to explore your holiday destination independently and on your own in a rented car of your choice? Not very much is comparable to the experiences of an independent driver! Therefore, it is almost a must to rent a car and get going!

For African conditions, roads are generally excellent in South Africa. However, you have to get used to driving on the left side of the road. If you follow the safety instructions, you will travel relatively safely. In addition, driving your own vehicle is the optimal alternative to using public transport, which is relatively low developed in Nelson Mandela's country. The best way is to order your rented car through us, already from Germany. Keep in mind that the car does not have to be expensive - there is something for every budget from a functional car to a luxury limousine. You can already get a car for 22 Euro a day, but in the South African summer you should not economise on the air condition. Here on this website, we recommend using Auto Europe. When driving on less frequented roads, a four wheel drive may be advisable. Before starting with your rented car, you should make sure that all tires are well inflated, that the spare wheel and the tools are placed in the boot, and in addition, that all secure measures that can be checked quickly have been met. After that, you are free to start successfully for your own individual trip!