Flights to South Africa

Your trip to South Africa starts with a flight that should be well chosen and booked early enough. Very good airlines for flights to South Africa are South African Airways, LTU (air Berlin), and Lufthansa, which depart daily from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and other German cities to the destinations Cape Town and Johannesburg, the two main hubs of the country. Other good airlines in the category Flight South Africa are British Airways and Air Namibia.
The flight time takes between 10 and 13 hours. Most offers in the category Flight South Africa are night flights. This makes it possible for you to arrive in South Africa with the newly beginning day - with one hour time difference, at most, and without an exhausting jetlag.
In the category Flight South Africa, last minute offers do not exist. Consequently, it is advisable to inform yourself early enough about existing offers. According to availability, booking class, season, and airline, ticket prices for flights to South Africa may vary strongly, beginning with 299 EUR per person (single flight) and 659,- EUR per person (return flight). On the flights to South Africa, comfort and customer satisfaction takes priority. Comfortable seats, leg space, and excellent service as well as outstanding catering will make you arrive at your dream destination South Africa in a truly relaxed way, and time will have literally fled during the trip.