Cape Town Attraction

When hearing about South Africa, Cape Town is probably the metropolis that will come to almost everybody's mind immediately, even though it is not the capital of the country. But Cape Town is lively. And Cape Town is immensely beautiful and certainly worth more than one trip. And it is convenient that it is also the culinary capital of South Africa: You can top up your energy in the most pleasant way before diving headlong into the hustle and bustle of the many attractions in Cape Town.
Attractions in and around Cape Town

Attractions in and around Cape Town

Those who want to travel in February should absolutely plan for a visit to the Cape Town Annual International Jazz Festival. The biggest Jazz festival in Africa lasts for five days, and it also pleases European ears. Those who go more for rocky sounds are at the right place in Café Comic Club.
The trendy meeting point for artists, students, and intellectuals is the Long Street Theatre. During the day, you can join a tour into the surroundings beyond the immediate Cape Town Attractions - especially a wine tour. Guided wine tours, including wine tasting, satisfy connoisseurs of even the noblest wines - if you are interested, you should browse in our wine tour offers. 
The one Cape Town Attraction which is even known to people, who were never there, is Table Mountain.
Overlooking the city with its 1087 meters altitude, it has an age of 600 million years and provides a sanctuary for 1 400 species of plants - some of them growing nowhere else in the world. The small island Robben Island, situated about twelve kilometres off the South African coast, seems to be less spectacular on first sight. Once, the island achieved a sad fame as a prison island, where Nelson Mandela was held for decades. Today, boat trips attract visitors to go there, and meanwhile, the island was turned into a museum. Former Apartheid prisoners will be your guides. But also those who decide to take a guided tour through the townships of Cape Town or a guided city tour will be able to see the impressive, authentic and pulsating life of Cape Town and its attractions. And those who would like to move away from the city centre again, will find more attractive destinations outside the city in Boulders Beach with its colony of African Penguins and the Lion's Head with its incredibly sublime view over the metropolis.